This Novel Slew Empires will probably be written (if he ever gets round to it) by a mysterious figure known in common parlance as The Author.

Born in a terrestrial nation sometime within the last few generations, The Author has been photographed only in utero. Due to the highly deficient sonar technology of the time, the picture is hardly useful in identifying him today. Additionally obfuscating his identifiability is the fact that he has aged an indeterminate number of decades since.

In an author's bio that was part of an unsuccessful submission to a small New Zealand literary magazine entitled Kiripati, The Author described himself as "A wizened, repulsive being of indeterminate biological origin. My work has been rejected by many of the leading publications, including The New Yorker and The Big Squat. I live and work in a terrestrial nation. I have two cats." The cats were not names.

Recent cutting-edge theorists have proposed that The Author is in fact a frontman for a committee of high-profile authors living together in the wide end of an alphorn.

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